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Medsop Soap contains Triclosan, a chlorinated bisphenol antiseptic, is used as a disinfectant and also for the treatment of certain dermatological diseases. Triclosan exerts anti-fungal, gram-positive and gram-negative organisms.
At high concentrations, triclosan acts as a biocide with multiple cytoplasmic and membrane targets . However, at the lower concentrations seen in commercial products, triclosan appears bacteriostatic , and it targets bacteria primarily by inhibiting fatty acid synthesis .

Triclosan binds to bacterial enzyme. This binding increases the enzyme's affinity for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). This results in the formation of a stable, ternary complex which is unable to participate in fatty acid synthesis. Fatty acids are necessary for building and reproducing cell membranes. Humans do not have an ENR enzyme and thus are not affected.
Use in place of normal bathing soap.

Use under medical supervision.
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