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Moviprep sachet contains 2 sachet (A & B) in packet. Sachet A contains Macrogol 3350, Sodium sulphate, Sodium chloride, and Potassium chloride. Sachet B contain Ascorbic acid and Sodium ascorbate.
Role of Active Ingredient
Moviprep sachet is intended for cleaning the gastrointestinal tract and bowel. It is also used for the treatment of occasional constipation by acting as a laxative. It helps in softening the stools and increasing the frequency of bowel movements by retaining water in the stool.
The electrolytes contained in the formulation ensure that there is virtually no net gain or net loss of sodium, potassium or water.
Direction for use:
Open one clear bag and remove Sachets A and B
Add the contents of both sachet A and B to a 1 litre container
Pour 1 litre of water into the container and stir until all the powder has dissolved and the Moviprep solution is clear or slightly hazy.
Use under medical supervision