(bottle of 20 ML syrup)

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Markpro Syrup is a combination of Minerals, Vitamins, Protein with Iron.

Iron and combination with folic acid belongs to the class of oral iron bivalent preparations. Used in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia.
Vitamins and Minerals enhance different immune functions and provides strong nerve support. Markpro syrup combats fatigue, stress, iron deficiency, weakness and exhaustion, improves physical performance, and improve body’s resistance to infections.

Benefits of active ingredients in Markpro Syrup:
Heart health: It helps to promote healthy cardiovascular health by maintaining normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
Brain function: It provides beneficial levels of B vitamins, iron to support normal cognitive function.
Energy: Since it is packed with B vitamins, iron and minerals, all of which help to maintain energy levels.

Direction of use:
For adults: 3 - 4 teaspoonfuls daily;
For children of 4 - 12 years: 2 - 3 teaspoonfuls daily;

Use under medical supervision