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Lymovita Syrup contains Lycopene - 1000 mcg, Vitamin A - 2500 IU, Vitamin E Acetate -10 IU, Vitamin C - 50 mg, Selenium - 35 mcg, Zinc - 1 mg, Manganese - 2 mg, Iodine - 100 mcg, Copper - 300 mcg, Vitamin B1- 2 mg, Vitamin B2 - 3 mg and Vitamin B6 - 1.5 mg.

Role of Key Ingredients:
Lycopen slower down the aging process and reduces the risk of many diseases like cancer and heart disease.
Multivitamins are essential for the growth, development, and metabolic activities of different body parts.
Zinc is an antioxidant which helps in enhancing immunity.
Selenium helps in maintaining eyes, hair and skin healthy.
Manganese is a dietary antioxidant which helps in maintaining eyes healthy.
Copper with Vitamin C helps in fighting oxidative stress and prevents anemia.
Lymovita Syrup is used as an antioxidant used for strengthening immunity.

Direction to use:
Take two teaspoonful of Lymobita Syrup one to two times a day or as directed by the physician.

Use under medical supervision.
Lymovita Syrup