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Lycogold XT Tablet contains Coenzyme Q10, Selenium, Folic acid, Glutathione, Levocarnitine, Lycopene and Zinc sulphate.

Role of key Ingredients in Lycogold XT Tablet:
Lycopene shows 66% improvement in sperms concentration 53% improvement in motility and 46% improvement in sperm morphology.
Zinc increases synthesis of male sex hormone testosterone that helps in spermatogenesis (which is increases the production of sperms).
Levoarnitine provides energy by converting fat into energy inside the mitochondria and prevents apoptosis thereby increases sperm count.
Coenzyme-Q10 generates ATP; >95% of energy inside the sperm is generated by CoQ10.

Lycogold XT Tablet is recommended in infertility and in Cardiovascular diseases

Use under medical supervision
Lycogold  XT Tablet