(strip of 10 soft gelatin capsules)

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Lycogem Forte Capsule contains Lycopene 6%, Vitamin C, Green Tea Extract (Eq. to Polyphenol 50%), Curcumin 95%, L-Arginine, Soya Lecithin, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Selenium Dioxide Monohydrate, and Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate as active ingredients.
- Lycogem Forte Capsule is useful in the fulfilling the nutritional requirements of cancer patients and also used in the management of side effects of cancer treatment.
- Prevents the risk of certain chronic diseases and maintains the overall well-being.

Key benefits/uses of Lycogem Forte Capsule:
- Lycopene: A powerful antioxidant and helps in preventing and slowing several types of cancer, protects eye and bones from oxidative stress, and also helps to lower blood pressure and treat coronary heart disease.
- Vitamin C: Promotes healthy skin, boosts the immune system, improves physical performance, and muscle strength.
- Selenium: Mineral that plays an important role in many bodily functions. It prevents thyroid problems, cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline, and cancer.
- Zinc: An essential trace element. It helps with hormone production, growth, and repairment, proper functioning of the immune and digestive system.

Direction for use / Dosage:
Take 1-2 capsule daily or as directed by the physician.

Storage instructions:
- Store below temperature 25-degree Celsius
- Store in a cool and dry place
- Protect and store away from direct sunlight
Safety information:
- Do not exceed the daily recommended dose
- Keep out of the reach of children
Lycogem Forte Soft Gelatin Capsule