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Luciara Cream is a stretch marks prevention cream for both pre and post pregnancy. Luciara cream is a emollient to safe guard against stretch mark during pregnancy. It has dual Hydro Action and is 24 hours effective. You can Start using the product as soon as pregnancy is confirmed and continue until delivery.

Key Ingredients:
Medium chain triglyceridesWhite soft paraffin(petroleum)Cetearyl ethylhexanoateGlycerinBees-Wax whiteSodium Lactate
Key Benefits:
Luciara cream is Perfume & Preservative free and Hypo-allergenic in natureLuciara cream provides deep hydration to the skin, and its unique mechanism hidrodual provides long lasting moisturizing effectIt has high lipid levels for greater efficiency, thus it's easy to apply, even over large areas
Directions For Use
Apply Luciara once a day post bathWipe off excess water off the skinApply the cream on abdomen, thighs and buttocksGently massage for 2-3 minutes
Safety Information:
Do not exceed the recommended doseRead the label carefully before useKeep out of the reach and sight of childrenStore in a cool‚ dry and dark placeProtect from the direct sunlightLuciara cream does not contain unnecessary cosmetics (dyes, preservatives, lanolin, etc.), perfumes and allergens
Luciara Cream