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Livogreen Drop is a polyherbal formulation. It contains Sharpunkha,Bhringaraj, Haritaki,Kalmegh, Tulsi,Jhau,Kasni, Raktarohidra, Daruharidra, Kasundi and Arjuna.

Role of key ingredients:
Sharpunkha is effective for the treatment of hepatitis and cirrhosis.
Bhringaraj protects the liver from toxicity.
Haritaki is a potent anti-oxidant, removes toxins from the body.
Kalmegh enhances liver health and possesses anti-viral properties.
Tulsi is an effective decongestant.
Jhau relieves ulcers, cough, fever and diarrhoea.
Kasni enhances liver health and possesses anti-viral properties.
Raktarohidra is effective for the treatment of diseases like splenomegaly, ulcer and dyspepsia.
Daruharidra is a hepatoprotective, it prevents hepatocyte damage.
Kasundi regularizes digestion and relieves pain.
Arjuna ensures optimum bioavailability of calcium, which is essential for bone tissue growth and repair in the body.

Livogreen Drop helps in:
Treatment of Jaundice
Improves appetite, digestion and assimilation processes and promotes weight gain.
Prevention and treatment of viral hepatitis, and liver damage.
As an adjuvant during prolonged illness and convalescence.

Use under medical supervision
Livogreen Drop