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Liveril Forte tablet is an advanced formulation that contains High Strength Silymarin along with select micronutrients and antioxidants. Silymarin in Liveril Forte acts as a hepato-protectant, and optimizes the function of the liver. This tablet for liver is composed of 'Super Six' hepato-protectants that act synergistically to stimulate the production of hepatocytes and removal of toxins from the liver. The Liveril tablet is useful for detoxifying the liver, and maintaining its health. Silymarin is a potent natural antioxidant, prevents Liver damage caused by free radicals.  Silymarin increases the glutathione synthesis inside the Liver cell. Silymarin helps in the production of new Liver cells (by protein synthesis) to replace the damaged old ones. 
Directions of use:
Consume the liver health supplements with plenty of liquids such as juice and water, preferably after a large meal.
Use under medical supervision.
Liveril Forte Tablet