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Leanhealth Sports Testo Boost Capsule helps to improve the testosterone level and this hormone is important for growth and development of male growth and masculine features in men. In some cases, many men face a deficiency of testosterone hormones and suffers various problems. So, to improving natural testosterone, we are offering Leanhealth Testoboost supplement is herbal extracts for improving testosterone level in men. It enhances low testosterone hormonal level and improves overall sexual health. It treats those with low sexual drive, improves libido, improves vitality, strength, stamina and improves their endurance.

Key Ingredients:
Vidari kanda extract (150mg)Kaunch beej extract (100mg)Shilajit extract (150 mg)Safed musli (150 mg)Ashwgandha(250mg)
Key Benefits:
Vidari kanda mainly works on plasma, blood, muscles and reproductive systemVidari Kanda acts as a dietary support and as an aphrodisiacKaunch Beej may increase the sexual desire (Libido), sexual performance & increased energy levels and helps in promoting fertility and improves erectionShilajit promote testosterone level and higher testosterone levels to protect muscle tissueFulvic acid in shilajit improves energy production and support brain functionAshwagandha helps relieve physical, mental stress, overcome depression, it improves energy and endurance
Directions For Use
1 capsule of Testoboost supplements should be consumed twice a day 30 minutes after meals. Testoboost capsules should be taken with lukewarm water or milk.

Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before useStore in a cool dry place away from direct sunlightPregnant or Lactating women should not take sport Testoboost supplementsIn case of any medical diseased conditions like kidney, liver and heart disorder, so strictly avoid using these supplementsChildren under the age group of 18 years avoid taking any type of supplements
Leanhealth Sports Testo Boost Capsule