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Lacteva granules is an Ayurvedic supplement that contains Asparagus Racemosus. The base of Lactonic granules A. racemosus is termed as stanya i.e. galactogogues in ayurveda. Its roots, and root extracts can improve lactational inadequacy in lactating mothers. Not only this, it also helps in normalizing the uterus and the changing hormones.Lacteva granules is indicated for nursing mothers with deficient milk secretion. A normal lactating mother may also take it soon after delivery. Lacteva granules is a natural agent with the purest of natural ingredients that promotes the production of breast milk without any side effects for you and your baby. 

Directions of use:
Lacteva granules are to be taken 2 teaspoonful (approx. 10g), twice daily with a glass of milk as long as you breast feed.

Use under medical supervision.
Lacteva Granules