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Liveret Capsule is a liver-protectant which contains contains Andrographis paniculata, Eclipta alba, Boerhavia diffusa, Cichorium intybus, Triphla, Embelica ribes, Berberis aristata, Tecomella undulate, Picrorhiza kurroa, Swertia chrirata, Oldenlandia herbacea, Convolvulus pluricaulis, Terminalia arjuna, Cassia occidentalis, Plumbago rosia, Cassia angustifolia, Phylanthus niruri, Ocimum sanctum, Conium maculatum as main active ingredients.

Role of active ingredients:
Andrographis Paniculata has hepatoprotective activity and relieves symptoms of jaundice.
Eclipta alba helps to expel body toxins, helps to detoxify liver and body, retard aging process and boosts body immunity.
Boerhavia diffusa helps in improvement of liver functioning.
Cichorium intybus plant is medicinally beneficial in relieving sluggishness of the liver, biliary stasis, jaundice, enlargement of spleen.
Triphla is used for internal cleansing, rejuvenates the tissues, supports healthy digestion and absorption.
Embelica ribes relieves indigestion, weak digestion.
Berberis aristata, Tecomella undulata and Picrorrhiza kurroa is used for liver infections acute viral hepatitis, fever, allergy, and asthma.
Swertia Chirata is used as hepatoprotective and is beneficial for the liver.
Oldenlandia herbacea and Convolvulus pluricaulis is a natural detoxifier and useful in constipation.
Terminalia arjuna, Plumbago rosia and Cassia occidentalis improves digestion, increases the digestive power and promote appetite.
Cassia angustifolia is used in the treatment of loss of appetite, jaundice and anemia.
Phylanthus niruri, Ocimum sanctum and Conium maculatum repairs and regenerates liver cells, protects hepatic parenchyma against hepato toxins caused by the drug, alcohol, virus, and improves appetite, digestion and ensures better assimilation of food.

Liveret capsule is used for:
Cirrhosis of liver,
Hepatic Congestion or Dysfunction,
Acute Viral Hepatitis with or without Jaundice,
Fatty infiltration of liver,
Prophylaxis against the hepatotoxicity of drugs.

Directions of use:
1 capsule twice daily or as per Physician’s advice.

Use under medical supervision.