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Liv compound syrup contains Saptranga, Kalmegh, Bhringraja, Pitpapra, Dandelion, Daruhaldi, Kakmachi, Sharpunkha,, Punarnava, Galo, Amla, , Yesthimadhu as main active ingredients. Liv compound syrup contains polyherbs.
Role of main active ingredients:
Saptranga helps in improving the appetite and restores proper digestion. It also stimulates liver for secretion of all the enzymes thus enabling it in proper functioning of the bodily activities. It detoxifies the blood. It works as anti-inflammatory.
Kalmegh has hepatoprotective activity, relieves symptoms of jaundice, and other liver disorders.
Bhringraja and Pitpapra is widely used in liver disorders.
Daruhaldi, Dandelion is used to treat disease related to liver, especially liver inflammation.
Kakamachi, Sharpunkha is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant which is used in the case of disturbed liver functioning.
Punarnava, Galo is used in liver disorders and detoxify the liver.
Amla helps to expel body toxins, helps to detoxify liver and body, retard aging process and boosts body immunity.
Yesthimadhu is used to detoxify liver.
Liv compound syrup is used as adjuvant therapy in Hepatitis, Hepatitis A infection, Jaundice, and 
Liver cirrhosis. Liv compound syrup rejuvenates liver, treats liver disorders and improves the functional efficiency of liver of patients, and detoxifies the liver from toxins and helps in the biochemical recovery of liver.
Directions of use:
For adults: 10 ml twice or thrice a day for 4-6 weeks and then 5ml twice or thrice a day for 2-3 months.
Children: 5 ml two to three times a day
Use it under the medical supervision.