(bottle of 435 ml Syrup)

Kerala Ayurveda Limited

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Kerala Ayurveda Pippalyasavam consists Black Pepper, Long Pepper, Chavya- Piper Cubeba, Turmeric, Chitraka, Musta, Vidanga, Puga- Beetle Nut, Lodhra, Patha, Amlaki, Cardamom, Sandalwood, Clove, Kusta, Tagara, Bigger Variety Of Clove, Cinnamon, Priyangu, Nagakesara- Mesuaferrea as active ingredients.

Key benefits/uses of Kerala Ayurveda Pippalyasavam:
- Black Pepper and Long pepper: Help to treat upset stomach
- Chavya- piper cubeba: Useful in treating indigestion, abdominal colic, and poisoning
- Chitraka: Powerful digestive and carminative herbs

- Flatulence, indigestion, sprueanaemia, emaciation due to indigestion, mal- absorption, gastrouble, dyspepsia, piles

Direction for use/Dosage:
- 12- 24ml with the equal quantity of warm water once or as directed by the physician

Storage instruction:
- Store in cool and dry place
- Protect from direct heat, sunlight, and moisture

Safety information:
- Keep out of the reach of children
- Read the label carefully before use
Kerala Ayurveda Pippalyasavam