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Konstigo Tablet contains Avipatikar Churna - 160 mg, Hing - 100 mg, Sendhav - 80 mg, Sonamukhi - 40 mg, Nishottar - 40 mg, Ajwain - 40 mg, Chirayata - 35 mg, and Indravani - 20 mg.

Role of key ingredients:
Avipatikar Churna is an ayurvedic formulation used for treating constipation. It also provides relief from acidity by neutralizing acid content in the stomach.
Hing helps in curing indigestion. It also helps treat other digestion problems such as intestinal gas, upset stomach, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and irritable colon.
Sendhav helps improves appetite, removes gas and provides relief from heartburn.
Sonamukhi is a natural laxative used to treat constipation. It also helps treat irritable bowel syndrome.
Nishottar is used as a laxative and is used to treat constipation and flatulence.
Ajwain helps treat gastritis, constipation, stomach ache, indigestion and heaviness in the stomach.
Chirayata is used for treating constipation, digestive complaints, heartburn, gastric ulcer and indigestion.

Konstigo Tablet helps treat constipation, acidity, fissures, piles, indigestion, skin diseases, loss of appetite and abdominal discomfort. It also acts as a bowel regulator.

Directions of use:
Take one-two Konstigo Tablet orally with luke warm water before bed time.

Use under medical supervision.