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Kidgrow Tablet is a 100% natural appetite stimulant that boosts appetite and metabolism. Lack of digestive juices and improper emptying of stomach are the major reasons of the loss of appetite in Kids. Kidgrow works on both these reasons to manage appetite.

Ginger, Pepper and Pippali have stimulating effect on peptic juices, such as gastric, bile, pancreatic and intestinal juices, thus it aids digestion.
Samudra Lavana increases the secretion of the salivary and gastric glands, sharpens appetite and promotes digestion.
Pepper or Pippali causes a reflex flow of saliva that increase secretion of gastric juices and improves appetite.
Ginger, Pippali Mool and Hingu helps in emptying of stomach by relieving constipation and flatulence.
Chitraka, Ajmoda, Nausadar, Souvchala Lavana, Bida Lavana and Aubhida Lavana are digestive tonics which are extensively used to counter loss of appetite.
Yava Kshara and Sarja Kshara are digestives that increases appetite, reduce kapha and destroy intestinal worms.
Matulunga enhances appetite, promotes taste perception and enhances weight gain.
In Ayurveda, Rock Salt is given along with Long Pepper, Ginger, Black Pepper and Cinnamon for improving appetite.

Benefits of Kidgrow Tablet:
Stimulates natural appetite
Promotes digestion
Helps weight gain
Relieves constipation
Destroys intestinal worms
Reduces kapha

Direction for use:
Children below 6 years - One tablet three times in a day, 15 minutes before taking meals.
Children above 12 years - Two tablet three times in a day, 15 minutes before taking meals.

Use under medical supervision.