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Eladi Choornam is a combination of Ela (Cardamom), Cinnamon, Nagakesara, Pepper, Long pepper, Ginger. Eladi Churna is an effective Ayurvedic powder mix. Eladi Churna comprises mainly of Indian spices. Eladi Choornam is used in the treatment of digestive complaints of Kapha imbalance.
Eladi Churna is traditionally used in the treatment of excessive salivation, anorexia , vomiting, pain abdomen and throat discomfort.
Pruritis, rashes, contact eczema, scabies, chronic ulcers etc are treated optimally with Eladi choornam, if used according to the condition. It is also used for whole-body massage as a cosmetic therapy. Eladichoornam helps in exfoliation of dead cells and renders refreshed and energetic glow to the skin. It could be used along with water, milk, butter-milk or curd as per the condition. On regular use it removes specks, blemishes and pigmentation from the facial skin

Use under medical supervision.