(bottle of 500 gm Powder)

Sri Jain Ayurvedic Pharmacy

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Jain Shatavari powder contains pure extract of Shatavari as its ingredient.

Key benefits of Jain Shatavari powder:
Promotes lactation (breast milk).
Acts as a galactagogue and is useful in lactation failure.
Relieve menstrual pain and control heavy blood loss during menstruation.    
Effective for Gastric ulcers and hyperacidity.
Strengthens and nourishes the tissues.
Very good for the digestion & helpful in diarrhea dysentery and abdominal colic.

Direction for use:
Take 3 to 5 gm once or twice a day.

Safety information:
Keep out of the reach of children.

Use under medical supervision.
This product is non-returnable.
Jain Shatavari Powder