(bottle of 60 ml Lotion)

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Ionikos Lotion contains Calamine, Aloe vera, Zinc oxide, Glycerine, Light liquid paraffin and Simethicone. It is a daily nourishing lotion, moisturizer with emollient properties. It is extremely soothing, natural astringent and most effective renewing agent with natural pH.
Calamine is an antiseptic and antipruritic agent which prevents and treats itching. Aloe vera is an extremely good moisturiser that prevents dryness due to itching. It provides natural hydration for all skin types.
Ionikos also serves as a mild sunscreen due to presence of physical sunscreen zinc oxide. Zinc oxide also reduces spots on skin.
Glycerine improves skin texture and makes it smooth and soft. Simethicone provides lubrication for uniform and bubble-free application.

Directions of use:-
Apply Ionikos in appropriate quantity on body for anti-pruritic and soothing effects.

Use under medical supervision.
Ionikos Lotion