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Iklen serum NF cream contains Rucinol and Sophora alpha as main active ingredients.

Role of active ingredients:
Rucinol works on the biochemical pathway by which melanin (colour in the skin) is produced.
Rucinol inhibits an enzyme called tyrosinase, thereby reducing the production of the darker melanins. Rucinol also inhibits another enzyme called TRP1. The inhibition of TRP1 will shift production of black melanin towards brown or pale melanins (phaeomelanin).
Rucinol reduces and lightens the melanosomes. It is therefore an effective depigmenting agent.
Sophora-alpha acts on the outside of the melanocyte, and blocks the extracellular action of alpha-MSH, by blocking MSH receptors.Alpha-MSH is responsible for activating the melanin synthesis pathway.

Iklen serum NF cream:
Prevents the Appearance of Brown Spots,
Regulates and prevents brown marks caused by abnormal pigmentation,
Inhibits melanin production and spots from developing,
Regulates and prevents the recurrence of brown marks and the development of new marks senescence marks, chloasma, photo-sensitization marks, drugs and generally all hyperpigmentations engendered by ultra-violet rays.

Directions of use:
Apply morning and evening to the hyperpigmented areas, before applying usual skin care (day or night cream, make-up). There is no need to limit the application to the darker areas only: Iklen can be safely applied to larger areas. Apply softly, without rubbing.

Use under medical supervision.