(bottle of 10 ml Eye Drop)

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I-Dew Ultra Eye Drop is used as a lubricant to treat severe cases of dryness of the eyes. It is loaded with natural components of tears that provide lubrication and moisturization to the dry eyes. Most importantly, it provides relief from the irritation to the eyes caused due to exposure to dusty wind, sun, etc.

Key Constituents:
• Sodium Hyaluronate 0.18%
• Xanthan gum
• stabilized oxychloro complex 0.05%
• Glycerine
• levocarnitine & erythritol

• Osmoprotective ocular comfort solution for severe dry eyes. It contains naturally occurring tear components infused with organic osmolytes that protects, moisturizes and rejuvenates the eye surface
• It helps in restoration of natural osmotic balance of the eye surface
• Doesn’t contain any harmful preservatives
• Can be safely used in contact lens wearers.
• Suitable for day time and night time

Directions for Use:
Apply 1 – 2 drops of I-Dew Ultra Eye in the affected eye or as directed by the physician.

Safety Information:
• Read the label carefully before use
• Keep out of the reach of children
• Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and heat
I-Dew Ultra Eye Drop