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Humiderm Moisturising cream is a moisturising and ultra hydrating formulation. Humiderm Moisturising cream serves as a medium for the restoration of the softness of the skin. It makes the skin supple and moisturised. The soft and effective hydrating formula of the cream helps in providing nourishment to the skin. It is a perfect blend of ingredients such as parabens and other fatty acids that provide nourishment and moisture along with added fragrances.

Benefits of Humiderm Moisturizing Cream:
Provides maximum nourishment to the skin
Maintain the moisture levels and regain hydrated skin
Reinforces skin instantly and leaves the skin soft & supple
Ultra hydrating formula which penetrates the surface layers of skin and nourishes it

Directions of use:-
Apply Humiderm Moisturising cream gently on cleansed skin.
Massage it properly. For the beat result apply at regular intervals.

Use under medical supervision
Humiderm  Moisturizing Cream