(packet of 5 diapers)

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Huggies dry diapers comes in various sizes like small, medium and large. They keep your baby’s skin drier and healthier.

Soft cotton diapers to keep the baby dry

Key Benefits:
Keeps your baby’s skin dry and freshOvernight dryness to give uninterrupted sleepAir fresh material allows free flow of airBlue speed dry layer absorbs wetness instantlyQuick lock system keeps wetness away from your baby’s skinIs clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash
Directions For Use:
Take out one unit from the bagOpen the diaper and slide it under your baby while gently lifting his or her legs and feet. The back part with the adhesive strips should be about level with your baby's bellybuttonBring the front part of the diaper up between your baby's legs and onto his or her bellyBring the adhesive strips around and fasten snugly. Be careful not to stick the tape onto your baby's skin
Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before useChoose the diaper size carefully for your babyKeep out of the reach of children
This product is non-returnable.
Huggies Dry Diaper S