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Heelmate Cracked Heel Repair Specialist Cream contains a unique blend of Urea, Lanolin, Glycerine & Petroleum Jelly, powered with the natural goodness of Calendula, Daruhaldi, Jasmine, Kokum Butter as major ingredients. All 8 ingredients are mixed by a special technique to make a non-greasy, water-based cream.
It is a specially formulated, dermatologist-recommended cream. It has proven visible results in just 3 days of proper usage and maintenance.
Uses: Protects, repair cracked, dry and painful heels and also heals, softens and rejuvenates heels.
- Uses a unique Aqua Magnet Technology.
- Pleasant and attractive fragrance.
- Heelmate Cream is a water-based formula, doesn't leave any stains behind on the clothes or bedding and can be applied at any time of day.
- No greasy stains, no smell and no rash effects on the skin.
- Hydrates and soothes the skin and helps repair chapped & dry skin.
How does it work:
Heelmate Cream uses Aqua Magnet Technology that includes 3 step action of Attract-Lock-Heal for cracked heel repair:
- Attract: Two ingredients attract moisture from inside-&-out to heels.
- Lock: Two ingredients lock the moisture at heels.
- Heal: Four natural extracts reduce swelling, provide pain relief and soften the heel.
Directions for use:
- Wash and clean feet with lukewarm water.
- Wipe the feet dry with a soft towel.
- Apply Heelmate cream liberally over the heels.
- Gently rub evenly on the heels and allow to dry.
- Repeat twice daily – morning after bathing, and evening before bedtime.
Wear socks after application for better absorption of the cream to get best results.
Heelmate Cracked Heel Repair Specialist Cream