(bottle of 50 capsules)

Healthaid Ltd

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Healthaid Korean Ginseng capsules have been created with the extracts of Korean Ginseng root that helps you in gaining extra strength, vigour and vitality. These capsules are also beneficial for enhancing cardiovascular health by maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels. In addition, HealthAid Korean Ginseng capsules enhanced libido in men and stamina and Also people with low energy level and fatigue can greatly benefit from these capsules.

Key Benefits:
Helps maintain healthy blood cholesterol level
Aids in building strength and stamina in men
Helps increases the energy level and reduces fatigue
May reduce stress level

Direction of use:
Children 1-12 years of age: one tablespoon (10ml) daily. Do not exceed recommended daily intake unless advised by a suitably qualified person.

Use under medical supervision
This product is non-returnable.
Healthaid Korean Ginseng 250mg Capsule