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Healthvit Activated charcoal powder has been milled to be the ideal powder size for both topical and internal use. Not too 'grainy' to include in your favorite drink, nor too rough for skin masks, creams, etc. It clean and whiten your teeth. It detoxifies your body also.
Key benefits of Healthvit Activated charcoal powder:
It whitens your teeth and Keeps your mouth healthy. Add a little-activated charcoal powder to your toothpaste every day to remove stains and for minor mouth pain.
It keeps your skin and hair healthy and fresh. Mix a scoop of charcoal powder with coconut or other oil and a little water for a soothing face mask or a cream for your skin and hair.
It helps with digestion. Mix in your favorite drink to help with digestion and to reduce gas and bloating.
It helps in accidental poisoning. Take with water after accidental poisoning or overdose.
HealthVit Activated Charcoal Powder