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Jaborand Hair lotion contains Pilocarpus Pinnatifolius, Arnica Montana, Cantharis, and Calendulla Officinalis.

Pilocarpus Pinnatifolius is a component that restores blood capillaries in the scalp.
Arnica Montana is also added to support healthy hair growth.
Cantharis is added to improve blood flow into hair follicles.

The homeopathic medicine for hair is designed to provide the user with improved blood flow in the scalp. It is applied by rubbing a few drops on the finger tips and then into the hair. This should only be used externally. This helps to control hair loss and prevents hair from becoming grey.

Directions for use:
1. Clean your hair and pat dry with a towel
2. Apply Jaborand Hair lotion on clean and dry hair
3. Massage the lotion on the scalp with your fingertips

Use under medical supervision.
Haslab Jaborand Hair Lotion