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As the name suggests, Fina Diabetol Forte are the capsules for diabetic patients. The ingredients used in this medicine are what differentiate it from other already available medicines. The special combination of extracts of fenugreek, bitter gourd, cinnamon and aloe vera helps in reducing sugar levels of diabetic patients naturally. Courtesy to these natural extracts, patients are certain to see the incredible results of these capsules within just a month of consumption. However, proper diet along the capsules needs to be followed and physical activity is must as well to yield the maximum benefits out of Fina Diabetol Forte capsules.

The four foremost natural ingredients which go in the making of these capsules are the reason behind its efficacy on the diabetes:

Methi (Seed) – Also known as Fenugreek, it is must for diabetic patients to incorporate fenugreek seeds in their diet to control blood sugar levels. Galactomannan which is a natural fiber present in its seeds decelerates the sugar absorption rate into blood. Fenugreek seeds comprise amino acid responsible for instigating the insulin production.

Karela (Fruit) – Also known as Bitter gourd, it is extremely essential for people suffering from diabetes to consume Karela. Bitter gourd constitutes an insulin-like compound called Polypeptide-p (p-insulin) which has the ability to control diabetes naturally. It has been seen in clinical tests conducted that consumption of bitter gourd on regular basis alleviates the blood glucose level significantly in the type-2 diabetes patients.

Dalchini (Bark) – Also known as Cinnamon, it is widely renowned to have anti-diabetic effects. Dalchini fights diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels as well as improving sensitivity to the hormone insulin. Cinnamon plays an imperative role in blocking certain enzymes called alanines which allows glucose to be absorbed into the blood.

Ghrit Kumari (Nirus) – Popularly known as aloe vera, it has been used as a traditional diabetic remedy since ages. Aloe vera is believed to enhance insulin sensitivity as well as improve blood sugar management. Its recommended intake causes blood sugar levels to fall in people sustaining Type 2 diabetes.

The recommended dosage of Fina Diabetol Forte medicine is 1 or 2 capsules twice a day as instructed by the Ayurvedic doctor.

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