(bottle of 45 capsules)

Atiya Herbs


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Solution to all Feminine problems

A natural remedy, for all kind of concerns faced by nature’s most beautiful creation, yes we are speaking about Women. It is said that God created her with utmost love and the same love she showers and carries throughout her life. This was the only view behind fetching this medicine from the nature’s colliery in the mind of Hon. Hakeem Sulemaan khan.

Effective areas of cure:

  • Helps to increase height and weight (if taken during growth years)

  • Helps in increased, decreased and problematic menstruation

  • An irregular period, excessive flow of blood.

  • Relieves the pain in body and back during periods.

  • Brings shine on face

  • Makes delivery normal, easy and possible

  • Helps inovercoming infertility in females

  • Makes married life pleasant

  • Takes away mental stress and irritation

  • Saves from weakness

  • Puts an end to white water discharge

  • Keeps body normal, makes saggy breasts tight and round

  • Maintains the natural tightness of limbs

  • Puts an end to acne, dry skin and paleness of face

  • Brings spark in eyes

  • Brings shine on the skin of hands, face and whole body

  • Makes feminine beauty attractive and graceful

  • Halts hair fall and makes hair strong, healthy and thick

  • Solution to all feminine problems from hair to eyes and face to feet

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