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What is Hexilak Ultra?

Hexilak Ultra, an Advanced Scar Formula, has a Silicone based formula with CCP complex containing ceramide and peptides that flattens, lightens and softens scars. It also contains Vitamin C which has cutaneous benefits in photo-protection and lightening hyper-pigmentation.

What types of scars Hexilak Ultra can be used for?

Hexilak Ultra works on elevated scars caused by a variety of incidences. These may include scars resulting from surgeries, burns, cuts, scrathes, insect bites, etc. These scars may become large, thick, dry, elevated and can be dark or red in appearance. It may also be itchy or even painful. Hexilak Ultra is suitable for any type of elevated scars on both face and body.

How do I know if Hexilak Ultra is working?

A scar is usually red or dark in color compared to the normal surrounding skin. Applying Hexilak Ultra regularly can repair, flatten and soften scars over time. Itchiness and pain will also be relieved with Hexilak Ultra.

When is my scar ready for Hexilak Ultra?
For best results, apply as soon as the wound has healed and closed. For Example, you can start applying Hexilak Ultra 10-14 Days after surgery. Significant improvement can be observed especially on fresh scars (up to 3 months old).

When should Hexilak Ultra not be used?

  • Open or wet wounds

  • Not to be placed in contact with mucous membranes or applied too close to the eyes

  • Not to be used concurrently with other skin medications without the advice of your doctor

Is Hexilak Ultra safe to use?

  • In general, Hexilak Ultra does not cause irritation, redness or pain

  • If any irritation occurs, stop usage immediately

How should Hexilak Ultra be stored?

  • Store in cool, dry place

  • Keep away from children

  • Do not use after expiry

How do I use Hexilak Ultra?


  • Wash scar area and pat dry

  • Hexilak Ultra will stay on your skin and work for 12 hours; hence you need to apply twice daily

  • Do not waste by applying too much. A small amount to cover just your scar will be sufficient to make it work. If you apply too much, it will take longer to dry with no added benefit

  • Before starting the application of Hexilak Ultra, you may want to take a picture of your scar. For a big elevated scar, you may want to measure it's height as well. This will give you a benchmark to track the progress of your scar improvement

  • Minimum usage duration is 2-3 months