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Getting your child to eat their vegetables & fruits is difficult enough. Gummi King multivitamin & mineral gummies provide the essential nutrients, with a taste they are sure to love. These come in 6 natural fruit flavors (strawberry, lemon, orange, grape, cherry & grapefruit flavors).

Vitamins and minerals are essential for our bodies to function and each one has a specific role to play. Many vitamins are not stored in the body, which means they need to be replaced regularly. A shortage of any one vitamin or mineral can result in poor health.Multivitamins support your child's immunity all year round.Vitamins help the body convert the food we eat into energy,helps support normal brain function and learning ability in kids.Nutrients keep the eyes healthy and support healthy vision.

A multivitamin designed specifically for kids' needs may help fill any nutritional gaps in their diet, particularly the fussy ones.