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Grocapix gel is an anti hair loss gel that provides nutrients to the hair roots and improves the hair growth. Grocapix gel is a hair loss formula developed using patented 4 amino acids rich in Biochanin A and contains Capixyl, a very effective ingredient for hair fall.
Capixyl is a natural product and contains biometric peptide and red clover. It induces the growth and also stops the conversion of testosterone to 5 DHT, which is the active form that causes hair fall or hair loss.
This formulation of effective ingredients make sure that the gel not just acts on the scalp, but penetrated deep inside the scalp’s skin acting at the root level.
Properties of Grocapix gel: 
Prevents hair loss and facilitates regrowth
Keeps the scalp moisturized and healthy
Reduces post menopausal hair loss
Treats seasonal loss
Direction of usage:
Squeeze out a small quantity of the product to hands
Take partitions of hair and apply evenly on all parts of the scalp
Massage gently in finger tips for 3-5 minutes
Allow gel to dry before proceeding with other styling products that you use
Apply at night before going to bed
Do not forget to wash hands thoroughly after application
Use under medical supervision
Grocapix Gel