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Greenkure Ayurvedic Pain Reliever Oil contains Nilgiri Oil (Eucalyptus Oil), Laung ka tel (Clove Oil), Pudina ka Phool (Mint), Nirgundi ka tel, Oil of Winter Green, and Kapur as major ingredients.
GreenKure is an Ayurvedic pain relief oil for quick action and fast relief from body pain. 
Key benefits/uses of Greenkure Ayurvedic Pain Reliever Oil:
- Beneficial in the treatment of problems including a backache, body stiffness, muscular pain, headache, cold, sprain, bruises and more.
- The formulation is non-sticky and has refreshing aroma
- Composed of pure natural ingredients which provide prompt relief
Direction for use:
- Apply Greenkure Ayurvedic Pain Reliever Oil to the affected area of the body and gently massage if necessary.
- For relief from the stuffy nose during cold, roll Greenkure on a handkerchief and inhale at regular intervals as comfortable.
- Post-exertion such as long journey, trekking and tiresome sports, massage the body with few drops of Greenkure and bath with lukewarm water to experience instantaneous relaxation
Bone, joint and muscle pain and aches
Storage instructions:
Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Safety information:
- For external use only
- For adult use only
- Avoid contact with eyes
- Do not use on delicate, cut, broken, and sensitive areas of skin
- In case severe irritation persists, consult the physician
- Keep out of reach and sight of children
Greenkure Ayurvedic Pain Reliever Oil