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GRD Smart offers multiple benefits for optimal health in pregnancy . It contains Taurine with DHA which helps in fetal brain and retina development. GRD Smart powder is also enriched with 27 essential nutrients High Whey protein content. 
Pregnancy is a time when there is increased protein demand on the body. Whey powder is an excellent way to increase daily intake of protein without packing in excessive carbohydrates and fat. Protein plays a vital role in many vital body functions such as immunity, protection against free radicals and growth and development of body tissues. 
Expectant mothers can benefit from whey protein supplements specifically designed for pregnant mother like GRD smart. 
Key Benefits of GRD Smart:
Helps in proper growth and development
Enhances strength and stamina
Provides energy
Improves muscle growth
Helps in faster tissue growth
Promotes healthy growth of foetus
Improves cognitive performance
Enhances mental health
Helps in blood formation
Improves bone and teeth health
Pleasant taste and aroma

Use under medical supervision 
GRD Smart Powder Chocolate