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Glucozinc is an instant energy booster with dextrose, sucrose, vit. C and zinc. It is ideal nutrient for the replacement of fluid and electrolytes loss and maintenance of hydration in motions vomiting due to any illness, morning sickness of pregnancy, travel sickness, muscle weakness cramps and prostration due to exhaustion for athletes, industrial workers busy executives.
Role of Key Ingredients: Dextrose And Sucrose One dose of two tablespoonful (35 gm) provides 126 kcals which is 1/8th of the daily requirements. Dextrose readily gets assimilated and emits energy to overcome tiredness. Sucrose yields one molecule of fructose and glucose. Zinc Sulphate One serving will provide 7.5 mg of elemental Zinc, which is half of the daily dietary requirement. Zinc is a vital element for nucleic acid synthesis. Zinc also increases desire for food during convalescence.
Ascorbic acid
One serving will provide 50 mg. of this important water soluble vitamin, which is the daily dietary requirement. Ascorbic acid helps adjust against stress and strain, augments antibody formation and improves phagocytosis Ieading to increased resistance to infections.

Use under medical supervision.