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Folifast hair lotion contains Benzyl nicotinate, Salicylic Acid, and Vitamin K which control hair fall.
Benzyl Nicotinate apparently increase skin oxygenation (raise the level of oxygen in the skin) which could aid healing.
Salicylic Acid make skin cells shed more rapidly, promoting growth of new cells.
Vitamin K has vascular effect and can influence bruising.
Folifast hair lotion is beneficial in round hairless patches on the scalp, loss of hair, of the body as well as of the scalp, loss of hair caused by aging & Symptomatic hairloss after infectious diseases, Hair damage caused by chemicals.
Direction for use:
Apply the tincture to the scalp or other affected skin part once daily in the beginning and thrice a week subsequently.
Use under medical supervision
Folifast Hair Tincture