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Fol-G1 tablet ensures proper fetal growth, it contains Folic acid, Methylcobalamin and Pyridoxine. 
Folic acid treats and prevents anemia due to vitamin C deficiency. It also helps the body make healthy red blood cells and stops birth defects. Methylcobalamin provides powerful immunity effects and rebuilds damaged nerves. Pyridoxine is a diet aid which is required for the proper function of sugars, fats, and proteins in the body. 
This formulation strengthens the metabolic process, maintains a healthy nervous system and avoids low birth weight. Fol-G1 tablets promote foetal growth, prevents foetal malformations and avoid maternal complications. It is beneficial to overcome discomforts associated with first trimester like nausea and vomiting.
Use under Medical Supervision
Fol-G1  Tablet