(sachet of 10.7 gm Granules)

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Flexipep-G Sachet contains Collagen peptide, Vitamin C and Glucosamine. 
Collagen Peptide is highly useful for various bone and joint pains as it acts as building blocks various connective tissues like skin, bones, cartilage, teeth, tendons etc. It also supports healthy skin, better digestion, and balanced hormonal release in body.
Vitamin C helps the body absorb more iron. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin with antioxidant activity required by the body to make collagen.
Glucosamine is an amino saccharide, used for the production of cartilage. Glucosamine sulfate (GS) exhibits anti-inflammatory and chondroprotective actions and thus has been shown to alleviate pain, slow down losses of, and even restore articular cartilage in patients with damaged or Osteo arthritic joints.
Benefits of Flexipep-G Sachet:
Promotes cartilage health
Improves joint flexibility and mobility in joint function
Reduces joint pain
Reduces the consumption of pain relievers 
Maintains joint health in active people
Stimulates synthesis of Collagen in skin
Use under medical supervision
Flexipep - G Sachet