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Figolax drops are the Natural Stool Softener for treating Hard Stools in infants. It contains Ficus carica, Rheum emodi and Purified Honey.
Moisture rich Figs soften  hard stools without causing loss of water from intestine. Rhubarb provides synergistic action by loosening hard stools and relieves abdominal discomfort which is commonly reported in infants suffering  hard stools. Honey in Figolax Drops offers added advantages such as:
Antibacterial action  -  Honey  kills bacterial cells by drawing water out of them.
Disinfectant action : The enzyme inhibine, which is found in honey, converts glucose and oxygen into hydrogen peroxide, a well-known disinfectant .
Immunity : Honey helps replace missing enzymes for nearly all purposes throughout the entire body. And  since enzymes power all immune system functions, honey boosts  the immune system.
Further Figolax Drops also  nourishes the infants with essential growth influencing nutrients like  Vitamin A, Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamins available in Figs. Thus, Figolax restores the normal functioning of the digestion system, relieve colic associated with hard stools or fecal impaction.
Directions of use:
15 ml per day in single or divided doses.
Use under Medical Supervision
Figolax Drop