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Flavon Tablet, a product from the drug class of bioflavonoids, helps in the stabilization of the capillaries. The formulation contains fractions of natural phytonutrients, micronized diosmin and flavonoid expressed as hesperidin.
Together these help in maintaining healthy vein function and Diosmin reduces the swelling and inflammation of the veins and consequently restores the normal function of the vein.
Hesperidin acts on the veins and increase the venous tone by increasing the strength of the veins.
Together these makes the veins less susceptible to stasis. Additionally they also impart the anti-inflammatory benefits and make the veins permeable and fragile.

Flavon Tablet are indicated for treatment of chronic hemorrhoids and acute hemorrhoidal attacks, chronic venous insufficiency of lower limbs (a general weakening of the walls of the veins), functional impairment and heaviness around the legs.

Use under medical supervision