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Eye Vital Capsule is a therapeutic antioxidant and a vitamin mineral supplement for eye care which avoids degeneration due to oxygen free radicals. A regular supplement for patients identified with age related macular degeneration (ARMD).

Key Ingredients:
Vitamin AVitamin CVitamin EZincSelenium
Key Benefits:
Vitamin Ereduces the worsening of age related macular degeneration (AMD) among people who show early signs of the eye diseaseSelenium is a mineral that helps your body to absorb vitamin EVitamin A protects the surface of the eye (cornea), it is essential for good vision. It is also effective for the treatment of dry eyesVitamin C reduces the risk of forming a cataract and vision loss from macular degeneration
Directions For Use:
1-2 capsules per day or as directed by the physician

Safety Information:
Store in a cool dry place. Protect from lightTo be discontinued if patient is found hypersensitive to any of the ingredientsKeep out of reach of children
Eyevital Capsule