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Ensure Diabetes Care contains Maltodextrin, Calcium Caseinate, Edible Vegetable Oils (High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Soy Oil), Fructose, Cocoa Powder, Minerals, Fructooligosaccharide (FOS), Soy Polysaccharide, Flavoring, M-Inositol, Vitamins, Antioxidants (Soy Lecithin, Mixed Tocopherols) Taurine, L-Carnitine, and sucralose as active ingredients. It is a diabetes-specific nutrition.
Key benefits of Ensure Diabetes Care:
Help manage blood sugar, support weight management.
Helps build muscle mass and supports heart and digestive health.
Contains high-quality protein & contains sucralose (an artificial sweetener).
Free from lactose trans fat and gluten.
Direction for use:
To prepare a glass of approximately 237ml, combine 6scoops (52g) of powder with 200ml of water. As a partial meal replacement- 1 serving of Ensure can be used before a major meal (eg. lunch/ dinner), as a breakfast replacement, evening/ bedtime snack or as directed by physician/ dietician.
Safety information:
Not for Parenteral or IV use, people with galactosemia and lactose intolerance. Not intended for use in children unless recommended by physician or a qualified healthcare professional
Storage instructions
Store in cool, dry place (not in the refrigerator). Reconstituted Ensure Diabetes care should be used promptly or covered, refrigerated and used within 24hours.
Use under medical supervision.
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