(tube of 70 gm Toothpaste)

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Elsenz Toothpaste contains Fluoro calcium phosphosilicate as the main active ingredient.
- Elsenz comprises Fluoro calcium phosphosilicate which is an improved form of bioactive glass
- Anti- Cavity & Anti- Sensitivity Toothpaste recommended for Dental Sensitivity, Dental Cavity & Dental Caries 

Key benefits/uses of Elsenz Toothpaste:
- Provides proven relief from the sensation caused by sensitive teeth and provides long-lasting sensitivity protection 
- Useful for sensitive teeth like pain while having a cold, hot, sour, & sweet
- Promotes remineralization & prevents dental caries
- Maximum Protection from Tooth Decay & Sensitivity
- Elsenz Toothpaste is Armour for Teeth
- Puts back the lost minerals from tooth enamel
- Protect teeth day & night from the acid attack

- Dental Sensitivity, Dental Cavity & Dental Caries

Direction of Use/ Dosage:
- For better results brush your teeth twice a day

Storage instruction:
- Store at room temperature
- Protect from direct sunlight
- Do not freeze

Safety information:
- Do not swallow the product
- Keep out of reach of children

Elsenz Toothpaste