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Efacid suspension is a therapeutic digestive medication containing a balanced mix of Magaldrate, Sodium alginate and Magnesium Aluminium Silicate Hydrate. 
Role of key ingredients:
Magaldrate rapidly neutralizes or buffers existing acid in stomach. Helps to treat indigestion, heartburn, gas, and other digestive problems.
Sodium alginate helps form a barrier that floats on top of the acid in your stomach. This barrier helps prevent stomach acid from moving up into your esophagus.
Magnesium Aluminium Silicate Hydrate is a laxative that increases water in the intestine and reduces stomach acid. 
Efacid suspension is helpful in providing relief from peptic ulcer, gastritis, heartburn, esophagitis, and other dyspeptic conditions associated with hyperacidity.
Directions of use:
For immediate effect, consume 1-2 teaspoonful of Efacid after meals. 
Use after properly shaking the bottle.
Use under Medical supervision.
Efacid Suspension