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ERO Vagina Tightening XXS Spray increases and stimulates the supply of blood to the vagina. With age, a woman's vagina can sometimes loose its tightness and shape. This could also lead to loss of sensitivity in the region that could adversely affect the pleasure of sex. If you crave the tightness and sensitivity of old, the ERO Vagina Tightening XXS Spray is just the thing for you. The astringent ingredients in this spray will in no time rejuvenate the vagina and enable you to enjoy the tight and hot sexual experience you crave!

Key benefits of ERO Vagina Tightening XXS Spray :
Gives instant tightening effects, toning up vaginal walls and reversing the loss of elasticity due to ageing, hormonal changes and childbirth.

Direction for use:
Pumps the ERO Vagina Tightening XXS Spray to fully moisten the outer labia and clitoris and allow it to take effect.

Safety information:
Please read the label carefully before use.

Use under medical supervision.
ERO Vagina Tightening XXS Spray