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Era Pharmaceuticals

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Era DN is a unique combination of Cyanocobalamin, Evening primrose oil, Folic acid, Gamma linolenic acid and Pyridoxine.

Gamma linolenic acid has proven benefits on diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic patients have abnormalities of essential fatty acid metabolism, and therefore require higher amounts of essential fatty acids. Supplementation of gamma linolenic acid reduces the symptoms of nerve pain. Evening primrose oil slows down the joint damage that occurs with rheumatoid arthritis. People with rheumatoid arthritis should be treated with conventional medications to slow down or stop permanent joint damage.

Era DN helps improve symptoms of pain and numbness in Diabetic neuropathy and gradually reverses nerve damage and improves symptoms related to peripheral neuropathy acts as a nutrient therapy for neuropathy

Directions of use:-
1 capsule up to three times a day to be taken with food for proper absorption or as directed by physician.

Use under medical supervision.