(bottle of 50 ML lotion)

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Elscab Lotion contains Cetrimide and Hexachloride. The cetrimide is an ammonium compound that works as a cleaning agent on the skin. It is an antiseptic compound that is typically used to sterilize the skin. It may also be used to clean off wounds and other injuries. The hexachloride is a cleaning agent that targets most forms of bacteria. Elscab Lotion may be used by those who are recovering from significant cuts and other injuries. This should be used daily for as long as needed as a means of preventing infections or other serious threats from getting into the skin.

Directions for use:
Cleanse your application area
Acquire the required amount of lotion
Apply on the area with figure tips
Gently massage the lotion in a circular motion
Wipe off the excess product before closing the tube
Apply morning and evening for best results

Use under medical supervision.