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For urinary disturbances due to prostatic enlargement (bph) and urinary tract infections
Indicated for enlargement of prostate gland with constant urge to urinate, more marked at night
Has a positive effect in difficult urination, cystitis, epididymitis and on paresis of sphincter vesicae
Tends to calm bladder irritability when there is an intolerable constant urge to urinate, and with burning pain, urine is passed drop by drop Indicated for recurrent infections, inflammations and conditions associated with chronic prostatitis and chronic urinary tract infections.
*Do not self-medicate. Please consult your physician.
Presentation: Bottle of 30 ml.
Dosage: Unless otherwise prescribed, Sabal Pentarkan should be taken as follows:
Adults: For acute complaints, 10-20 drops should be taken at hourly intervals until an improvement occurs, up to a maximum of 12 times a day. For subsequent treatment, 10-20 drops should be taken 3 times a day.
Children: Half of the adult dose.
Note: For treatment of children, during pregnancy and lactation, and for patients with serious liver or alcohol problems, in particulars, please note that this product contains alcohol.
Side effects: No side effects of Sabal Pentarkan are known.
Contra-indications: Do not use this product in patients known to be hyper-sensitive to Echinacea or to other Compositae flowers.
Interactions: No interactions between Sabal Pentarkan and other products are known.

Use under medical supervision.
Dr Willmar Schwabe India Sabal Pentarkan Drop