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Dr. Reckeweg Tabacum Dilution is a versatile remedy for many types of ailments. It helps in getting rid of constipation and abdominals pain and many types of urinary paralysis. Confusion, forgetfulness and many types of mental ailments are also treated with it. The drug is effective in the treatment of many types of head, throat, nose and respiratory problems.

Key Ingredients:
Tabacum with alcohol
Key Benefits:
Helps against confusion, mental fag and calms mental healthRelieves chronic constipationCures abdominal pressure and muscle contraction in liver regionRelieves renal colic, cold sweat and urinary paralysisGets rid of chest congestion and coughCures periodic headaches and vertigoStops nose secretion and treats throat constrictionCures male impotence and penis neuralgiaRelieve from fever, icy cold skin and crampsCures neck stiffness and convulsionsRelieves skin itchiness due to flea bites
Directions For Use:
Consult a doctor for getting the correct dosage in a condition

Safety Information:
Keep out of reach of children Store in a cool and dry place away from direct heatRead the label carefully before useAvoid any physical damage
Dr. Reckeweg Tabacum Dilution 200 CH