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Spigelia Dilution is a homepathic medicine. Spigelia is an important remedy in pericarditis and other diseases of the heart, because the provings were conducted with the greatest regard for objective symptoms and the subjective symptoms are by innumerable confirmations proved to be correct (C. Hering). Has marked elective affinity for the eye, heart, and nervous system.

Spigelia anthelmia treatment for Mind ailments:
Afraid of sharp, pointed things, pins, needles, etc.

Spigelia anthelmia treatment for Head ailments:
Pain beneath frontal eminence and temples, extending to eyes(Onos).
Semi-lateral, involving left eye; pain violent, throbbing; worse, making a false step.
Pain as if a band around head (Carbol ac; Cact; Gels).
Vertigo, hearing exalted.

Spigelia anthelmia treatment for Eyes ailments:
Feel too large; pressive pain on turning them.
Pupils dilated; photophobia; rheumatic ophthalmia.
Severe pain in and around eyes, extending deep into socket.
Ciliary neuralgia, a true neuritis.

Spigelia anthelmia treatment for Nose ailments:
Forepart of nose always dry; discharge through posterior nares chronic catarrh, with post-nasal dropping of bland mucus.

Spigelia anthelmia treatment for Mouth ailments:
Tongue fissured, painful. Tearing toothache; worse, after eating and cold.
Foul odor from mouth. Offensive taste.

Use under medical supervision.
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